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Is it time for a roof inspection in Houma at your home or commercial location? The Houma Roofers are here to assist you! We have qualified, experienced, knowledgeable roofing contractors standing by, ready to do a thorough roof inspection at your convenience. With over 20 years of experience in roofing services, you can trust that we won't overlook anything. In addition, we will give you the facts about your roof, and nothing more.

Some roof inspectors will tell you that you need a new roof even if you don't. Why? Because they are hoping to get a job and earn profits. However, it's not always necessary to pay for a new roof. If there's a simple roof repair that will take care of your roofing problem, that's what we will suggest you do.

Don't get taken advantage of by a dishonest roofing company. We're here to go above and beyond your expectations whenever possible. So reach out for your appointment!

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Why Start with a Roof Inspection?

What makes it essential to get a roof inspection in Houma? Well, we mentioned getting taken advantage of. That's why we suggest you don't get just one roof inspection, but three. Why? So you have something to compare your roof inspection report to. In reality, they should be reasonably similar. Therefore, if you see one that seems too good to be true or way above the average cost, you know that it's likely not the ideal roofing company.

What should you look for on your roof inspection report?

  • The age of the roof
  • What type of roofing materials the roof is constructed of
  • Whether or not the gutters will have to be removed for a service
  • If the ventilation is good
  • How the contractor will protect the property
  • A timeframe to complete the work
  • The price
  • Licensing and insurance information

If one or more items on this list are missing or aren't what you expected, you should probably choose a different contractor. Let us know what we can do to fulfill your needs and requests by calling our office.

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Don't Wait for Your Roof Inspection in Houma if this is Happening.

To pay the roof inspection cost in Houma or not. That's the primary question most homeowners have. First of all, know that our initial assessment is free. If it's apparent you need a new roof or roof repair, we will tell you right off the bat. However, if we have to dig deeper, there is a small fee we charge.

When you're not sure whether or not a shingle roof inspection is necessary, let us give you a few indications that it's time to call:

  • Shingle damage you can spot
  • Gutter problems
  • Scratching or denting in the features of the roof
  • Paint peeling near the roof
  • Staining on the walls or ceiling
  • Moisture present inside

You can relax knowing that our honest roofing contractors will give you all the details. You'll also be given choices because we don't believe in forcing our valuable customers into something they're uncomfortable with. Find out more by dialing our number now.

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The Houma Roofers Are Who to Trust Your Property To

Not only do our roofers take care of your roofing service in the best way possible, but we do so with respect. You've hired us to do a job, and the least we can do is treat you fairly. So what makes our roofing company stand out from the rest in the region? All of the positive attributes we have to share.

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Plenty of 5-star reviews and happy customers in our past
  • Warranties on all services and materials
  • Locally owned and operated
  • High-quality products and advanced methods
  • Satisfaction GUARANTEE!

Learn more about us, our services, and your roof by visiting our blog. Then, fill out the quote form on this page. We will be right over for an assessment and FREE quote!



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"Great experience with this roofing company. From the initial quote through to the roof installation, they were reliable, straightforward and the price was reasonable. Highly recommend The Houma Roofers!"
- Peter P.

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Unlike other roofing companies in Houma, we're full-service. If it involves your roofing system, we're the crew to call to assist you. Roofing is never a do-it-yourself project. It may be tempting to do the roofing work on your own or with a few friends, but the couple of bucks that you save aren't worth it. With a qualified roofing company working for you, you will undoubtedly know that your structure is solid and your roof is in good shape. Remember, your roof is the first defense your home, belongings, and family counts on while inside. You don't want to risk danger, injury, or worse. Get in touch with our customer service crew now. We're excited to partner with you on your next roofing job!

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When you need roofing services, it's not a good decision to wait on it! Receive a FREE roofing quote today and you'll be amazed by the craftmenship and attention to detail our roofers put in or Call us at (985) 240-8833
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